This world is sometimes a sad, sad place.

David L. Trebilcock, a 30 year old man, stabbed his girl friend’s six year old daughter to death a few days ago. This happened less than an hour away from where I live. Now I know there are fucked up people in this world… people who kill others in things like fights and drug deals gone bad and blah blah blah but how FUCKED UP do you have to be to stab an adorable, innocent six year old little girl to death? The answer to that is VERY. It’s all over the local news and in the papers. At the end of this article on the stabbing, it says ‘Troopers are investigating to see what may have triggered the attack.’… who cares what triggered the attack? He’s obviously one messed up person. After he was done stabbing her, he was taken to the hospital so his own wounds could be taken care of (weather they were self-inflicted or happened from the little girl trying to fight back is currently unknown). If I was the doctor having to treat that sick man, I’d just say no. Honestly.. what the hell is wrong with some people in the world? My lanta.


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